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Player Profiles

Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit


A local team with a nationally recognized dream. Anarchy Paintball Team is comprised of specialized units, working in unison. "Adapt and overcome" is our adage...our call to arms, our mantra.

Omega 1 - This unit is comprised of some of the most talented gun battlers any field has ever known. When this unit attacks, every opposing player on the field will know the true meaning of the words "conflict", and "trepidation".

Wasp - This unit accomplishes any mission thrown their way. With ability to overcome any terrain, weather, location, distance, fortification, or opposition.....this unit will bring home the points. Skill, patience, determination, and a hunger for glory make this Team undeniably...DANGEROUS.

This new and improved unit attacks with no mercy. Cold and calculating. The brutal speed, and pin-point accuracy in which they deploy and execute, makes this unit one of the most versatile and aggressive squads on the field. "To late to where to hide. Anarchy is upon you!".