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Player Profiles


Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit



Name:                E.J. Wilson

Call sign:          "Devastator"




 Advanced attack team, close quarters specialist;

Team Captain




3 years; Scenario, Tournament referee for EPL & CFOA.


"I wish for everyone I come in contact with in the paintball industry to share in the awsome experiences surrounding our great sport.  I will utilize the both the team's and my own popularity to help lagitimize the sport and bring new comers under our wings. 

When anyone comes in contact on and off the field with my team, I want them to walk away saying - "That is one of the most profesional group of people I've ever had the privaledge of coming in contact with".  Paintball is a passion for me, and I want to share it with the world."



*Marker, Primary - Dye DM7

*Marker, Secondary - Eclipse Ego Eteck

*Hopper- Empire Reloader B.

*Uniform- PCS “Retribution” Jungle Digi Camo Jersey/ PCS “Retribution” Jungle  Digi Camo Pants.

*Harness - NXE

*Radio- Motorolla 7200 series - throat mic

*Mask; Primary- V-Force Grill w/smoke lens 

*Mask; Back up- V-Force Profiler w/smoke lens 

* Tank- DXS fiber wrapped 68/4500

Home Town:           Virginia Beach, Virginia

Marital Status:        Married

Children:                Mariah Lynn & Hannah Marie

Birthday:                 03-30-1978

Zodiac Sign:            Aries

Religion:                 Christianity - South Baptist

Education:               High School Graduate

Occupation:             Civil Engineering & Survey

Accomplishments:   Prior Law enforcement & Played for a

                                Nationally Recognized Team

Best Friend:             My wife Jennifer

Favorite Music:        Rock & Christian Rock

Favorite Bands:       3 Doors Down - Nickel Back

Hobbies:                  Paintball - Paintball - Paintball

Favorite Links:



Fields:                     Splat Brothers

                                Paintball - Oklahoma Bunkerfest

                                Tactical Paintball - Fox Paintball

                                Bethel Park - Fort Eustis -

                                The Swamp - The Arena

Events Attended:      MXS: Narnia -

                                 MXS: Black Hawk Down

                                 D-Day Okalahoma

                                 MXS: Western Front

                                 "Battle of the Buldge"

                                 "Chosin Reservoir"

                                 "Tears of the Sun"

                                 MXS: Dark Angel

                                 "Operation Starlite"

                                 "Battle For Okinawa"

                                 "Operation Cobra"

                                 MXS: Village of the Damned

Events Hosted:          "Tears of the Sun"

Events Ref'ed:          Pirate Paintball Events

                          EPL Events

Awards Achieved:    "Balls of Steel" - Pirate Paintball

                          Most Valuable Team - Splat Brothers