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Player Profiles


Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit


Name:      Asher

Call sign: "Slinky"





Position: Advanced scout / Support / Light Calvery


 Age:  17

Experience: Three years in speedball, Woodsball


Goals:  To help the sport grow in anyway that i can and to have as much fun is i can while doing so.



*Marker- DM3

*Hopper- Black Revy W/X Board

*Uniform- JT Team Pants, CSG Custom Team Jersey 

*Harness - NXe Gat Pack

*Radio- Motorola

*Mask; Primary- Empire "E-Vents" series

* Tank- Crossfire Fibre 68/3000

Home Town:  Gloucester, Virginia       

Marital Status:  Single     

Children: N/A              

Birthday: 6/27/90                

Zodiac Sign: Cancer          

Religion: Agnostic               

Education: Currently in High School              

Occupation: Culenary specialist            

Accomplishments: I enjoy my work activities...starting out as a Bus Boy, I advanced myself through hard work and dedication to the point of culenary preperations for a fast paced dining establishment with a large consumer base.                                  

Best Friend: Any Scenario REF who happens to be within ear-shot....and Scenario Medics!            

Favorite Music: Punk/SKA       

Favorite Bands: Black Flag,Reel Big Fish

Hobbies: Pantball,Guitar                  

Favorite Links:         

Fields: SplatBrothers in Hopewell, Virginia                     

Events Attended: MXS "Village of the Damend"