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Player Profiles


Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit


Name:       Chase Morris

Call sign:          "Traffic"





Demolitions Expert, Fire Support, Team Role Player, Command Post Communications

Age: 17    


Four years in Scenario paintball, two years Speedball


My goal is to learn all that I can about my team responsibilities, from as many of the best players in our sport as I can. I can then take what I have learned and adapt it to my own style of play, always striving to become a better player. The day I feel there is nothing else to learn is the day I will stop playing, as that is the day it will no longer be interesting for me. When I think of scenario paintball...I think of fair play and friendships that last a lifetime. What could be better than that? 



*Marker, Primary- Tiberius Arms T-8;

Back up- Upped Ion W/Freak system, Blackheart, CP roller trigger. Trinity clamping feedneck, CP shorty regulator, Firebolt   

*Hopper- Evolution "Egg" II

Halo B 

*Uniform- CSG Custom Team Jersey, JT '07 Desert Camo Team pants, JT Cleats, NXe Neck Guard 

*Harness - NXe GAT Skull 

*Radio- Motorolla 7200 series - throat mic

*Mask; Primary- White Profiler 

*Mask; Back up- Extreme Rage Echo 

* Tank- Crossfire 68/45

Home Town: Elizabeth City, N.C.         

Marital Status: NEVER!       

Children: N/A               

Birthday: July 4, 1990                 

Zodiac Sign: Cancer          

Religion: Native American                 

Education: Currently enrolled in collage               

Occupation: Education             

Accomplishments:* I am in my second year of the Bill Gates sponsored "Gateway" program at Elizabeth City University in North Carolina.

* MVP at "Chosin Reservoir" @ SplatBrothers in Richmond, Va.

*When Farva got chased down and eliminated by a tank in Hopewell during a game....I WAS THERE!    


Best Friend: My brother Stephan             

Favorite Music: Alternative, Rock, Rave, Re-mix, METAL       

Favorite Bands: Drowning pool, Disturbed,        

Hobbies: Scenario Paintball, Music, Gameing, Hiking                   

Favorite Links:        




 Pirate paintball, Elizabeth City, N.C.

Splat Brothers, Richmond, V.A.                     





Events Attended:

Village of the Damned

Operation Cobra

Battle for Okinawa

Operation Starlight

Dark Angel

Chosin Reservoir

Tears of the Sun

Ardennes Offensive

Western Front          




Events Hosted: 2007;

Tears of the Sun

Events Ref'ed:

 2006, 2007 Eastern Paintball league (X-Ball), Virginia and North Eastern, North Carolina