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Player Profiles


Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit


Name:     Nate Postle

Call sign: "Farva"

Position: Heavy Gunner


Experience: 1 year scenario

Goals: To continue to learn all I can about our great sport, so as to better myself as a player and a team-mate.

*Marker, Primary - Bob Long Infamous Intimdator
*Marker, Secondary - Spyder Extra

*Hopper- Viewloader Egg E3

*Uniform- Customs team jersey, JT Desert Camo "Team" Pants

*Harness - NXE 4+3+2

*Radio- Motorolla 7200 series - throat mic

*Mask; Primary- JT Flex with thermal lense and cooling fan

*Mask; Back up- Proto Switch EL Black

* Tank- Pure Energy 68/4500 Carbon fiber wrapped

Home Town: Valdasta. GA         

Marital Status: Single       



Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius           

Religion: Christian-Pentecostal Holiness                 

Education: High School/MOS Training               

Occupation:Law Enforcement             

Accomplishments: Prior Military, Law Enforcement, High School Football State Championship. Being a member of Scenario Paintball's Anarchy    


Best Friend:Kim Evans             

Favorite Music: Metal        

Favorite Bands: Killswitch Engage, Metallica, In Flames, Insane Clown Posse, Arch Enemy, Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, Type O Negative, Scar Symmetry, Slayer, Pantera...etc        

Hobbies: PAINTBALL cooking reading sports target shooting                   

Favorite Links:



SplatBrothers Paintball Parc
Fox Brothers Paintball
The Arena
The Swamp
Pirate Paintball                      





Events Attended:
Battle Of the Bulge
Chosin Reservoir
Tears Of the Sun
MXS:Dark Angel
Operation Starlite
Fox BattleFiled 3046 (Nomad XO)
Battle For Okinawa (Japanese XO)
Operation Cobra:Allied Breakout (German Commander)
MXS:Villiage Of The Damned (Human XO)



Events Hosted: Tears Of the Sun          

Events Ref'ed: Pirate Paintball Events           

Awards Achieved: Most Valuable Team: Battle For Okinawa