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Behind this mask…
Written by:  Mike "VooDoo" Morris
Behind this mask...
I am whoever I choose to be. A Hero, a Savior... Alien, Predator. My only boundaries are those idea’s which I have not yet discovered deep in the farthest reaches of my imagination.

Behind this mask, I am not restrained by my physical limitations. I can do anything, anywhere, anytime, and for eight hours…I am free from my earthly bonds. Free from ordinary thoughts and worries. Free to be that child within all of us who craves to be released to explore… to once again run with the wind, unbridled, and carefree.

Devastator leading the Allied Forces in battle.

Behind this mask, I am part of something much larger than life. A critical element of a winning team, engaged in a cosmic conflict for life itself, where the stakes are high…and the very existence of entire worlds are at risk. I am the birthplace of legends, the subject of great tales yet to be told.

Behind this mask, what I do makes a difference…and time stands still waiting to see what I will do next. Like the most intense part of a favorite novel that cannot be set aside, the entire galaxy anxiously awaits with labored breath for MY action, MY conviction, MY resolution.

Behind this mask…I am the same as everyone else, in a world where there are no differences relating to the colors of our skin, our religions, political affiliations, genders, age, language. Here, behind this mask, we are all the same. All Brothers. All dependant upon each other, and all working together toward the same goals. Here, we trust one another without question.

Behind this mask, I am praised for what I have contributed…even if I have failed, for it is known by my peers that I gave everything within me, and that in this world, there are no losers. In this world, simply being able to stand where I stand…with the people who stand with me…IS the goal. The battle is simply a means to THAT end, and is in reality only a small detail of why I am here, why any of us are here. When I choose to put this mask on, I have already won.

Behind this mask…


Mike "VooDoo" Morris

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