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Team History

     Anarchy was founded in September 2006. Two like-minded Scenario Paintball teams from the local areas joined forces, Team W.A.S.P, and Omega1. On March 15th of 2007, Anarchy introduced another like-minded Scenario Paintball team known as OFU to its ranks as a sister team. These teams unified to form a larger and more diverse group.

Farva & Proffesor
Team Meeting

 While neither Team has retained their individual Team names as separate units, the group as a whole will be known as "Anarchy" for identification purposes. Some re-structuring soon followed in order to take full advantage of the teams' strong points. The most prevalent advantage of this new structure was the advent of specialized tactical squads within the unit. The “Mission” Team is the squad which will be responsible for scoring the actual “Mission” points during a scenario, and accomplishing the objective goals assigned to the group. The “Diversionary” Team is the squad responsible for creating a diversion to take attention away from the “Mission” Team, in order to draw opposing forces from the mission area. The “Advanced Assault” Team is the squad which will enter the mission area ahead of the “Mission” Team, for the purpose of cutting a path through any opposition in the area, thus improving the “Mission” Teams chances of success by reducing OPFOR’s effective numbers. 

     Both teams involved W.A.S.P and Omega1 are in agreement that this union will be extremely beneficial to all groups involved. Everyone involved is looking forward to a promising future for “Anarchy” as a highly competitive Scenario Paintball Team.

     Our first event as Scenario Paintball's Anarchy at “WesternFront” (Courtesy of SplatBrothers Paintball) in Hopewell, Va. in October of 2006 unquestionably turned some heads in our direction, and earned the respect of some nationally known teams also in attendance. We expect nothing but positive growth and success for the group as we continue to evolve. Once again, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join Anarchy, and become part of a successful, highly competitive Scenario Paintball Team. Check these forums for future announcements, practice dates, and times.

Brining the Rain!

Omega 1 - A nationally recognized unit with a deep, rich history in one of the most prominent and successful Scenario Paintball teams in the world today. This group has in the past earned sponsorship by such leading names in the industry as: Smart Parts, PMI, US Military Gear, Hammerhead, as well as their own home fields. The experience and level of professional play that this unit brings to the game is unrivaled among their peers. Now comes a time within this multi-talented and colorful team to turn a new page in the journals of their continued successes within the sport, by reaching out toward new and broader horizons. Without question the 2007 season and beyond will find Omega 1 as boldly triumphant as in the past... as they confidently advance toward the future development of excitingly novel goals and ideals.

     W.A.S.P - An innovative team turning some national heads in their direction. Based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina...this squad is hungry for success at the highest level through dedication and tactical performance. W.A.S.P (Warcry Assault Scenario Platoon) was formed in June of 2006, and promises to be one of the most recognized new teams on the circuit in the 2007 season while under the Anarchy banner.