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Player Profiles


Player Profiles
Team Captain
Core Group
Reserve Unit


Name: Michael Morris

Call sign: "VooDoo"





Position: Co-Captain

Advanced attack team, Front line heavy fire support:  Logistics specialist, Communications; #2 demolitions specialist, Public Relations 

Team public relations/ Liaison Officer




5 years; Scenario, Air ball, Speed ball, as well as active X-Ball Tournament referee for NPPL, PSP CFOA, EPL.


"When anyone involved in paintball talks about fairness, abilities, dedication, and good sportsmanship....I want MY name to be one of the ones that always comes up in that discussion. For me, that is more important than how many games I may have dominated as a player. I believe it is my responsibility to be that guy who stops playing to help a beginner who is having problems on the field, or to be the one who loans that person a marker or paint when he or she needs it. I want to always be one of the first to thank a referee for the time that ref has given to insure that I had a good time at his field. That is what paintball should be all about. If we are not out here to have fun, then why are we out here at all? Any game is only as good as the players who are involved in it."


*Marker, Primary- 

 Assault- Smart Parts ION; Blackheart board/ Trinity QEV/ CP short regulator/ Trinity clamping feed neck/ CP “Rake” roller trigger/ Smart Parts “Fire Bolt”/ CP 4”drop-forward/ CP ASA with On-Off/ Warrior 3.6 oz aluminum body kit/ “Killa” detents/ Hammerhead 14” barrel system.

*Marker, Back up;


 *Marker, Side-Arm-

 Ariakon Overlord pistol W/ Rohnan drop Leg holster.


 Nxe GAT Skull


Evolution “Egg” II Z.; Halo


Custom CSG Team shirt; '07 JT Desert Camo Team Pants; NXe neck guard; JT cleat system


 Flurry Industries tactical w/ hydration system; Six pod capacity/ Tank pouch/ 2 grenade pouch/ Radio pouch


Audiovox GMR 5002 FM transceiver with custom headset.


 Primary- Grillz 


 Back up- V-Force Profiler w/ Smoke lens

* Tank-

 Crossfire fiber wrapped 88/4500

Home Town: Hertford, N.C.         

Marital Status: Married       

Children: 4 (All boys!)               

Birthday: 06-03-1961                 

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Twins)           

Religion: Native American/ Wiccan                 

Education: Bachelors degree               

Occupation: Diesel Technician; Service Team Leader             


A. Officer of the year three years running while with the City of Chesapeake, Va. Police department, 1990-2000

B. Several trade school diplomas in the diesel industry

C. Virginia State Inspector

D. Certified Reverend

E. CPR instructor

F. Commercial CDL drivers license   


Best Friend: My wife, Catherine             

Favorite Music: Native American / Rock        

Favorite Bands: GodSmack, AC/DC, Gorillaz, Heart        

Hobbies: R/C airplanes, Scenario Paintball, Paintball Referee, Ferrets, Movie Editing                   

Favorite Links:         



Fields: Pirate Paintball; Elizabeth City, N.C.; Splat Brothers, Hopewell, Virginia                     





Events Attended: 2007

Village of the Damned

Operation Cobra

Battle for Okinawa

Operation Starlight

Dark Angel

Chosin Reservoir

Tears of the Sun

Ardennes Offensive

Western Front





Events Hosted: D-Day Omaha Beach, Pirate Paintball, 2006; Tears of the Sun, Pirate Paintball 2007           

Events Ref'ed: SPPL, CFOA, EPL